Rural Farm-Based Tourism in India

Promoting Sustainable Rural Farm-Based Tourism for Livelihood in India

Rising in popularity, agro-tourism is becoming a significant segment in the agricultural industry, attracting individuals who crave a more relaxed lifestyle and a deeper connection with rural areas. Through agro-tourism, farmers provide accommodations and curated experiences, creating a mutually beneficial relationship between tourists and farmers. In their quest for solace, individuals often turn their attention

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Eco-tourism in India

Eco-tourism: Not Just for Conservation, but for More

Eco-tourism can also contribute to job creation and inspire individuals to become advocates for protecting wildlife Lately, viral videos have highlighted the harmful encounters between tourists and wildlife in their natural habitats. While many people visit national parks to experience safaris and witness the wildlife, some tourists may overstep boundaries and jeopardize both their own

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India's Mega Adventure Tourism

Exploring India’s Mega Adventure Tourism

India is eagerly preparing for the upcoming launch of two exciting adventure trails in 2023 – the Ganga Trail and the Northwestern Himalayan Trail. Alongside, there are further plans in progress for additional trails, including the Narmada Trail and the Kaveri River Trail. These adventure tourism initiatives will be carefully crafted with a strong emphasis

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A culinary journey along India's west coast

A culinary journey along India’s west coast

India is a country of abundant colors, innumerable smells, and countless flavors, with a population of over 1.2 billion. The half-continent boasts remarkable diversity, particularly when it comes to cuisine. The western coast of India can be segmented from north to south into four states: Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Kerala. Embarking on a culinary journey

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